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40 Days of Serving!

Sunday, January 26-March 5, 2019

God has called us to be a community of faith, hope, and love. As such, we are to minister to one another, helping each other along the journey of life. But there’s more. He wants us to expand the community by sharing the message of faith in Jesus Christ with others and including them in our community. One of the most powerful ways of sharing the message of Jesus is by serving others in the Name of Jesus. Our world around us has heard enough “talk”—they need to see our faith in action that gives credibility and authority to our message. But how do we go about serving? That’s where the 40 Days of Serving comes in—it is designed to give biblical and practical help as we seek to grow in this area of following our Lord Jesus. 

We hope you will join us on this journey! It includes 40 daily readings. The format is simple: there is a short (one page) “chapter” for each of the 40 days. We pray that this will both encourage you and equip you in your desire to share Jesus with others as together we are pursuing life in Christ with passion and purpose! You can get the free booklet from our church office OR you can CLICK HERE to download a PDF file OR you can click on "CONTACT US" in the Main Menu above and leave your email address with a short message if you would like to receive the daily reading as an email each day of the 40 Days of Serving.

The 40 Days of Serving begins Sunday, January 26, 2020, and goes through Thursday, March 5, 2020. In addition to the daily readings, there will be six messages in Sunday Morning Worship as well as testimonies from church members and special Wednesday night Bible studies and more...