Program Offerings

We are pleased to offer preschool and child care for ages 2-4.class02

FREE VPK– Our VPK program is for children who are 4 years old by September 1 of the beginning of the current school year. It follows a calendar that consists of 540 hours of instruction in 3-hour morning sessions from 9 a.m. until noon for 180 school days. The curriculum includes texts and materials approved by and meeting all the standards of the state of Florida for Voluntary Pre-kindergarten. A morning snack is included.

Wrap around fees: $110 per week for children staying until 5:30 p.m.

Three-year-old program 
Our PreK3 program is built to be a growth model in which children learn necesssary standards to align and prepare our little scholars for VPK.

Two-year-old program 
Our PreK2 class is designed to allow our littlest learners to thrive and explore learning for themselves.

Full Day Program: $165 per week
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
Includes morning and afternoon snack

Half Day Program: $80 per week
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. until noon
Includes morning snack