Ancient City Christian Academy

A ministry of the Ancient City Baptist Church, Ancient City Christian Academy (ACCA) is committed to providing children and families with an opportunity to embark on a life-long educational journey.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and loving Christ-centered environment that will encourage children to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. We readily accept each child at his/her developmental stage and are committed to providing a foundational education that will facilitate continued development. In addition we desire to partner with families in the important task of raising children.

With the knowledge that the preschool years are the most critical learning of a child’s life, we wholeheartedly take the challenge of igniting the learning process in your child’s life.

  • Our vision is to guide them in appropriate behavior.
  • We recognize that children are unique individuals. We will relate, therefore, to them on a personal level to reinforce their strengths and develop proficiency in other areas
  • As our faculty of Christian teachers interacts with the children on a daily basis, they will strive to instill in each one the knowledge of Jesus Christ and guide them as they walk uprightly
  • We believe preschoolers are active learners; therefore, developmentally appropriate learning centers, manipulatives, activities, and opportunities to explore are readily available.
  • We envision Ancient City Christian Academy as a place where your child will flourish as a result of endless occasions to work, play, learn, grow, and be loved.
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