Psalms for the Soul

Choosing Joy!

Message Series 

Life can be tough for us all. As Paul entered the city of Philippi to preach the good news of Jesus—the first place in Europe the gospel was shared that we know of—he was promptly imprisoned! Once released, he started a vibrant church there. Most of the members struggled financially, but faith in God gave them a generosity beyond their means. They helped Paul over and over in the months and years to come.

Later, Paul was imprisoned yet again—this time in Rome, after he had appealed to Caesar and was awaiting the emperor’s ruling. As he writes a love letter to this special church, his main message to them is that, in spite of the circumstances of life, no matter how difficult, in Christ you can choose joy! 

This is a message for us all. Join us in this series as we learn many practical lessons in life—especially how we can rejoice in the Lord and can learn to say, with Paul, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

This message series began in September 2019 and will take a break for both Advent and for 40 Days of Serving. It will complete in Spring 2020.

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