Fall 2018 College Ministry

College Bible Study begins soon—check back for date

At Ancient City Baptist Church, our college Bible study includes plenty of discussion and interaction—not just another lecture. (You likely get enough of that already!)

Some of our topics planned for this semester:

  • Owning your faith when you are on your own

What does faith look like when you are away from home and living in an atmosphere of all kinds of new freedoms?

  • How do I know Christianity is real?

Is there a reasonable basis for believing in Jesus?

  • Figuring out relationships

From friendships to dating, relationships can get more complicated during college years. Does God have any practical wisdom for me?

  • How do I balance everything going on in life?

I’m stressed out! How do I manage time with school, work, God, church, relationships, and more?

  • Sharing faith with others naturally

I want to tell others about my faith, but it can be hard! I don’t want to look “odd for God” and I am concerned that I may not be able to give answers to questions asked. How do I proceed?

  • And more…

Sometimes the answers from kid’s Sunday School aren’t as satisfying as we grow into adulthood. Are there real answers to your own tough questions? You can ask and we can explore together!