Psalms for the SoulThe book of Psalms is the hymnal of the Old Testament—and it serves as such for us as well. It motivates us and leads us into praise for God. Yet, these words of faith also express honestly the human emotions we feel at different times as we look at the varied circumstances of our lives and as we relate to God within those circumstances—trust, doubt, joy, anger, praise, and more. During this summer, our pastor will be taking us through a few of these psalms, showing us again how timeless are the words of Scripture...

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
God's Work and God's Word Psalm 19 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 23 June 2019
The Lord Is My Shepherd Psalm 23 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 16 June 2019
Dealing with Guilt Psalm 32 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 09 June 2019
It's Not Fair! Psalm 17 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 02 June 2019