We Are Worshiping Both Onsite and Online

UPDATED March 18, 2021

Ancient City Baptist Church gives you the option. You can worship onsite with proper distancing. 
We also continue to provide the livestream on our YouTube channel. 
Most Life Groups are meeting onsite with proper distancing.

Please read the following details of our current plan to determine whether you want to worship onsite or online. We ask that you use your good judgment considering your own risk level and comfort level. We encourage you to continue to watch online for as long as you desire. Our Leadership Team has used the input of medical personnel in our own congregation as well as other guidelines to inform us as we have put together a plan that we think is appropriate for our own unique situation. Our hope is for everything to be as comfortable and cautious as possible as we  gather for worship. Please take seriously physical distancing and other precautions as we gather together. 

If you are sick, have some symptoms of COVID-19, or have recently traveled, we ask that you wait two weeks before coming to worship onsite.

Our guidelines have been updated beginning March 21, 2021. We recently took a survey of our congregation: 84% of respondants are attending onsite now. The survey also revealed that 63% of those responding have already received at least their first shot and most of these have already had both. 65% are ready to go to every pew seating (rather than every other pew). In our comments, we find that some, though, are not eligible yet for the vaccine, even some with underlying issues. So while half are ready to dispense with masks totally, our Leadership Team for now will still ask for masks to be worn until seated and when singing in the congregation.

We are now using every pew (rather than every other pew) for MOST of our Sanctuary. We will RESERVE A SECTION where we will continue to use every other pew for those who need or prefer the extra space. This area will be the front half (or more) on the organ side. We will also adjust seating in the balcony to accommodate those needing or desiring more distancing,

When using every pew, we still want people to physically distance on each pew, and we want to ask people to stagger seating so that they are not sitting directly behind the person in front of them.

Ushers will be used to maximize seating when needed. Those arriving first are asked to use the middle of a pew rather than an end to make seating easier for those who arrive nearer to the time of the start of worship. (We begin at 11:00 a.m.)

We will also have overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall. 

  • Seating: Our Sanctuary can hold approximately 150 with our new guidelines of using every pew for most of the Sanctuary. 

As needed, ushers will seat people from the front of the Sanctuary to the back.  

  • Masks: We ask everyone to wear masks until they are seated and while singing in the congregation. At other times they can be removed if desired.

Disposable masks will be provided at the Welcome Center door. Participants can bring their own cloth or disposable mask if desired. Worship leaders, including choir members, will not use masks while on the platform.

  • Arriving: We have reopened all parking: both large lots as well as the two smaller lots adjacent the building

Please reserve these two smaller lots for those with limited mobility. Handicap parking is available in the main lot across from the Courtyard entrance.

  • Cleaning: We are taking precautions to keep everyone safe 

We properly clean our Sanctuary prior to services. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to the Sanctuary and at other places. Frequent hand washing is still encouraged. Rails leading into the Sanctuary will be wiped down frequently.

  • Music: We are adding back congregational singing for those who wear masks 

We are asking masks to be worn, in general, while entering and exiting our building. Masks can be removed when seated. However, if you would like to sing, we ask you to put on your mask and sing at a moderate level. If you do not wish to wear a mask during the singing, we ask you to continue to worship through humming and/or interacting with the words in your hearts. (If you do not want to be in the presence of singing with masks, we encourage you to stay home for now and worship through the livestream.)

Also, our choir is singing without masks. Our choir loft is far to the rear of the platform area, and there is room for them to practice physical distancing. 

  • Offering and Communication Cards: There are baskets at the rear of the Sanctuary

Please place your offering and/or Communication Card into one of the baskets at the exit, as we are not yet passing offering plates. Alternately,  you can give online through our website, bring or mail your offering to the office, or set up automated giving through your bank. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

  • Worship and Life Groups: We will meet for worship at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays, and most Life Groups are now meeting at 9:40. (The class with a Zoom option starts at 9:30.)

We hope to begin preschool childcare during worship sometime in Spring 2021. You are welcome to bring children of whatever age with you to worship as you desire. Most Life Groups are meet again with physical distancing. At least one offers a Zoom option for those at home. Please check with your Life Group leader for more information. 

  • Courtyard Fellowship: After worship is over, we encourage the courtyard as the place to talk and fellowship

WE ARE MODIFYING GUIDELINES AS APPROPRIATE. We will do our best to keep you informed! 

Thanks for your trust and your coooperation.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Sunday Morning Worship Will Continue to Stream LIVE on YouTube

To watch it on your computer. phone, tablet, or smart TV is fairly simple.

  • Click HERE to go to our church channel.
  • A few minutes before 11, we will go "live," so one of the videos listed should say, "LIVE." (You may need to refresh the screen if you get on before we go "live.")
  • Click or double click on the LIVE video to watch it.

If something doesn't work as expected, click on the "Live Streaming" Menu item above for more information.

Wednesday Midweek Worship Is Both Onsite and Online 

For our Wednesday night service of Bible study and prayer, we are using an online meeting tool called Zoom. This tool lets everyone share prayer requests just as if we were in the same room together. You can use either your computer or your smart phone, but you will need to take a few minutes to set it up, though it is as simple for most people as you could hope for.

We are also meeting onsite in Fellowship Hall, and the pastor interacts with both Zoom participants and those who are onsite simultaneously.

An "invitation" link is needed to access the meeting. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive an invitation with the direct link.

(Choir rehearsals have resumed. As of now, there will be no TeamKID for children on Wednesday nights, but we hope to add it soon.)

Call Us if You Need Ministry or Assistance

During this time, some may feel that they cannot reach out to others. But you can! We are your church, and we are here for you. Whether it is the pastor, deacons, Life Group leaders or members, or others, we do our best to be available for you. Call us! Here are some numbers you can try:

  • Church office: (904) 829-3476
  • Pastor's answering machine at home: 904-827-7644 (Leave a message!)
  • Hopefully, you may know the number of your deacon, who will be glad to help you in whatever way possible
  • Call your Life Group leader
  • Email the pastor or a staff member by clicking on "About ACBC" and then "Our Staff" from the Menu above

Recheck this page for further updates. 

If you cannot get by the building, you have the option of giving your tithes and offerings online while we cannot meet. You can access that by clicking "Online Giving" from the Menu above.

Let's keep each other in prayer!