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The pandemic and other recent challenges have knocked many of our familiar supports out from under us. Life seems different and unfamiliar, perhaps fearful. Some are using this unique time to take a fresh look at what life is all about. And that can be good!

When a computer, program, app, etc., is behaving erratically, we hit the RESET button. We reboot. Sheltering in place has given us time to reflect and meditate. Some things are very wrong and some priorities have become misplaced in our world—and in our own lives. Let's hit the "RESET” button: let’s return to the biblical worldview given to us by God in the very beginning. Genesis takes us back to God’s intention and helps us understand who He is, who we are, what we are to do, the impact of sin, how we are to treat each other, and much more. Let’s RESET… for good!

Title Scripture Speaker Date
Are You "Abel"? Genesis 4:1-7 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 20 September 2020
The Consequences of Sin Genesis 3:8-24 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 13 September 2020
The Sin Principle Genesis 3:1-7 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 06 September 2020
The Fall Guy Genesis 3:1-13 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 30 August 2020
The Adversary Genesis 3:1-5 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 23 August 2020
Marriage: A “Weaving” Genesis 2:24 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 16 August 2020
Marriage: A “Cleaving” Genesis 2:24 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 02 August 2020
Marriage: A “Leaving” Genesis 2:20-25 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 26 July 2020
Adam Genesis 2:4-25 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 05 July 2020
The “Rest” of the Story Genesis 2:1-3
Exodus 20:8-11
Matthew 11:28-30
Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 28 June 2020
The Blessing of God Genesis 1:26-31 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 21 June 2020
The Making of a Man Genesis 1:26-2:1 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 14 June 2020
Genesis: Starting Out with a Bang? Genesis 1:1 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 07 June 2020