In this series, we look at a few of the characters we see surrounding the Christmas story: John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, and, of course, Jesus himself...

Title Scripture Speaker Date
Christmas Cantata: Tidings of Joy Luke 2:8-14 Sunday, 05 December 2021
The Magi: Christmas Gifts Matthew 2:1-15 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 28 November 2021
Let's Go See Luke 2:15 Fred O. Pitts Monday, 24 December 2018
Mary’s Song: “Let It Be” Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 23 December 2018
Joseph—the Forgotten Father Figure Matthew 1:18-25
Matthew 2:13-23
Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 16 December 2018
The Second-Place Child of Christmas Luke 1:5-25 Fred O. Pitts Sunday, 02 December 2018