Pursuing Life in Christ with Passion and Purpose   

40 Days of Sharing

Speakers: Fred O. Pitts Jr , Wayne Husk

During this 40 Day Spiritual Adventure, we will be focusing on the "feet" or our "head, heart, hands, and feet" model of discipleship. Head: disciples learn; heart: disciples love; hands: disciples serve; and feet: disciples share. "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. In this series, we seek to learn how to bring the good news with confidence and without fear!

Title Scripture Speaker Date
Those Who Hear John 5:24 Wayne Husk Sunday, 10 September 2023
Following Jesus Luke 9:23-27 Fred O. Pitts Jr Sunday, 03 September 2023
The Gospel - What and How to Share 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 Fred O. Pitts Jr Sunday, 27 August 2023
A Simple Strategy Acts 1:8
Colossians 4:2-6
Fred O. Pitts Jr Sunday, 20 August 2023
The Great Commission Matthew 28:16-20
Luke 24:46
John 20:21
Acts 1:8
Acts 20:24
Wayne Husk Sunday, 13 August 2023
Remember Your Salvation Joshua 4:1-7
Joshua 7:19-24
Fred O. Pitts Jr Sunday, 06 August 2023
DiscipleLIFE Overview John 10:10
Matthew 28:19-20
Ephesians 4:11-16
Fred O. Pitts Jr Sunday, 30 July 2023